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Car collection

For more than 50 years we have been dedicated to the vintage and classic cars, mainly from a business perspective, but also related to the restorations and maintenance of classic cars .

The old cars have become “collector cars” which require much time and effort to have them again in the same wonderful conditions as they were when they left the factory.

Today we have a global market, and many times the number of potential customers is higher than cars available. The number of cars manufactured unchanged , but now there are more new customers who are interested in this type of cars.

Whatever your needs are in relation to classic and vintage cars, either buy or sell one or more cars, restore or maintain your collection, please contact us.

Our maxima is to do things right, every detail is important.

The fact that many of our clients become great friends is not coincidence.

From our facilities located outside Madrid, welcome to our family business. Both the cars for sale and the workshops are open to all customers and friends who want to visit us, but by appointment, please.

This website has been designed not only to show some of the cars that we sell – not all the stock cars  will be announced – but we want to be a showcase of our work, and in which customers know who we are. Welcome .

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