Restoring classic cars

Restoring classic cars

Somos expertos restauradores de todos los modelos, márcas y épocas de coches clásicos

Do you have a classic car and would like to bring it to a new life? Do you think that the old car should be completely restored ? We can provide the service that you need, according to your needs and our  company is specialized personal assistance and attention to the last detail. Our extensive experience and our professionalism have made us one of the references in this sector.

We can carry out the restoration of any classic cars. We have been active since the late 60s and during this long time all kinds of cars have passed through our hands. For this reason we can ensure an accurate restoration.

Restoring a classic car is a complex process that has to be done in the correct way and every part has its specific idiosyncrasies. Therefore, we provide a preliminary analysis of what your needs are and advise you throughout the process, so you are always aware of the steps we take . It is sometimes necessary to remove a portion or even all of the components, because you have to check them one by one. Mechanical work is entirely handmade , so it requires a great human and technical effort .

We must also be very careful with the exterior of the vehicle, and the need to achieve the look is unbeatable but at the same time, the durability of external elements, such as paint or the chromework. To do this, we always use the best products .

You can find a small sample of our work in our pictures section, where for sure you will enjoy the cars that have passed through our hands  and we have commissioned to restore.

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